Parshas Tazriya Metzorah

Tazriah Metzoirah

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MAZAL TOIV :) MAZAL TOIV :) Reb Pinchas and Family Sheyichyu on the birth of your new Ainikel Granddaughter :) MAY HASHEM YISBORAICH give you a lot of Yiddisher Nachas from her and from all your children and grandchildren Metoich Herchovoh Begashmius Uberuchnius.


BARUCH HASHEM we are in the days of Sefirah when count each day, making each day important to prepare ourselves to Receive the Toirah. So too, every day, we Thank HASHEM YISBORAICH for all his Nissim for freeing me from the place called prison and uniting me with my family and Klal Yisroel :)


Our Parsha Begins with “Isho Kee Sazriyah…” which are the laws of “Childbirh”.  But, then the parsha turns to a whole new subject, the Tumoh of “Negoim” which turns out to be the major portion of the sedra!  First, the parsha explains the type of “Negoim” that affects the skin of a Person. The second type of “Negoim” Affects the clothes of the Person. Then in Parshas Metzoirah, the parsha Teaches of the 3rd type of Negoim which affects the Home of the person.


When a person was afflicted with the Negoim on his skin, he became tomai, and this was such a high degree of Tumoh, that he needed to leave his residence and separate himself from being with ANY Other Yid, in the words of the Posuk, “Bodod Yaishaiv Mechutz Lamachaneh” he needed dwell alone with himself outside of the Yiddisher Community!

Why such a severe punishment?

Chazal Explain; The inyan of “Negoim” comes as a punishment for the sin of Loshoin Horoh, which is so severe that its likened the 3 Avairois for which a Yid needs to be Moiser Nefesh for! The Rambam says; the one who speaks Loshoin is as if he denies in the creator. Rashi explains; the reason he needs to “Dwell Alone” is since, he separated man from his wife and one friend from another thru his “Loshon Horoh” also he needs to separate himself and “Dwell Alone”


Obviously, This Shabbos is a good time to reflect on the many mediums of communication we have today and resolve to use our communication in a way that brings us TOGETHER with Ahavas Yisroel and NOT in a way that divides one yid from another which violates the way HASHEM wants us to speak about each other.


But, a closer look at the Command of “Bodod Yaishaiv” teaches us a tremendous lesson :)


A Lesson from the Place Called prison:


The Place called Prison is a modern-day version of “Bodod Yaishaiv”. The person is separated from his family and friends in a way where he feels alone 24/7. Even though there is a Telephone in the place called prison, it doesn’t take away the “ALONE” feeling from being separated from family and friends.

There is an Extreme 300-minute Limit per month of how much the Telephone can be used by the prisoner, which is a average of less than 10 minutes per day. Many prisoners speak on the phone with a “Stopwatch” in front of their face, so they should not speak a “extra” Minute!


When my son “Uziel” was preparing for his bar mitzvoh, I yearned to learn with him the “Dvar Toirah” for his Bar Mitzvoh, but it was impossible to be done in a few minutes a day. When my daughter menucha needed some advice of how to overcome some challenges in her school, there wasn’t enough time on the phone to speak about it. This all caused tremendous pain on us, But all the additional minutes which we could have had, would not have removed the ‘Bodod Yaishaiv” -Dwelling alone- feeling that pains every prisoner! Which means, there is nothing that can replace the “Social Fabric” which are made of, because we are created in way which we need “Face to Face” in one room type of Interaction, and ANYTHING ELSE means we are Living Alone!


The “Metzoirah” is considered to be “Bodod” -Alone- when he Physically leaves and separate himself from his fellow yidden. Lechoirah. He would still be allowed to use other means of communication such as “Mail, Email, WhatsApp the phone…” etc.  which teaches us a incredible lesson of what is really considered “Social” and what is really “Alone’


The Difference between Being “Social/Together” or Being “Alone” is; “Social” is truly is using the medium which binds people together, thru being together and speaking with other face to face. There is no substitute for a face to face conversation! The Human Interaction is irreplaceable, even though it can look the same “Externally”! Replacing this with a “Phone” or a “Text Message” or a “WhatsApp” is not a True “Social” because it void of what truly binds people together! Externally it Looks as is if they are being together, but in fact, a person using the “social Media” is still be considered in a state of “Bodod Yaishaiv” being ALONE!


Because, even though the Method of Communication externally seems to be bringing together, but it doesn’t have the “Inner” bond which a social relationship needs. its void of the “Glue” which binds people together and the person is still in a state of “Bodod” he is terribly alone!


Toiras Emmes tells the Metzoirah needs to separate himself from others and live outside the Yiddisher camp, because he was separating other yidden from each other, until he is healed from his “Nega”. What defines him being separated? He needs to physically leave the place where other yidden live. But he is still permitted to “Communicate” with them thru other ways such as what is known the ‘Social’ media, it is still considered that he is ALONE! The Metzoirah is still the state of “Bodod” even when he is using the “Phone” or the “Whats App”. Which teaches us that all the communication done over these mediums, will never take us out of feeling “Alone”! The Only way we can be “Together” with other yidden is by living and farbrengen with his fellow yidden face to face :)

Why is Loshon Horoh So Destructive?


The Explanation is given as follows:


The Damage of Loshon Horoh has two parts to it.

  1. The Speaking of “Loshon Horoh” (which comes from the bad Middois of the one who is speaking it, such as Jealousy, and hate etc.) causes damage etc. to the one who is being spoken about. Which means; the main problem of Loshoin Horoh is that Loshoin horoh brings out the speakers bad Middois and damages the other person.

  2. LOSHOIN Horoh is bad from the aspect of the BAD WORDS which are being said!


   When someone speaks Loshoin Horoh, even when its unintentional, the SPEAKING alone Drags the SPEAKER into the Realm of BAD! Because the power of words is connected with the essence of a person (the person is called a “Medaber”) which is why the BAD SPEECH itself, drags the person more and more into the realm of bad!

    This explains why the Rambam begins his explanation of the danger of Loshoin horoh says, the FIRST Thing is we need to avoid acting like the “Foolish Reshoim” who Speak A LOT! (which is still not something which is forbidden!) because this brings to the next lower step of the ‘DERECH YESHIVAS HALAITZIM HORSHOIM” Who initially speak about things which are “Nothing Substantial” (Words that are Not from bad Middois) BUT the problem is that these words drag the person down further, into speaking thing that are bad and forbidden. The Empty words bring the person to speak against Tzadikim, which will then bring him to speak against the Nevi’im, which will bring him to speak against HASHEM and deny in the belief of HASHEM!


Words have POWER :) when the words are “Empty” void of Kedusha they still have power which pulls the person down to the next level and the next level, which is why Loshoin Horoh is so destructive!


This is why the Rambam says we need to Think about what happened with Miriam! Because the punishment for Loshoin Horoh is not for the (first) part of Loshoin Horoh which is are bad charrachter trait and damages the other person, rather it’s for the “Spoke words themselves!”


Because By Miriam it was the total opposite!


Miriam raised her Brother Moishe Rabbainu and endangered herself to save him from the ocean! Also, her words were NOT Intended to say bad about him! She Erred in what happened! And Moishe Rabbainu was NOT Bothered by what she said! Also, her words didn’t Cause any Damage! It was a totally external matter! BUT she was immediately punished with “Tzoraas”! This means, Loshoin Horoh is Punished for the words spoken themselves, because the words drag the person down in the realm of bad!


   So, if the major part of the Parsha is speaking about the “Tzoraas” Then why is the whole parsha named “TAZRIAH”!?

   The explanation is given, with the following preface!


   One of the foundations of our ‘EMUNAH’ is the inyan of Reward and Punishment.

    Toirah is “Toiras Chessed” which means that also the Punishments in the Toirah are Not for the purpose of Punishment Chas Vesholom, Rather, it’s for the  “Tikun” of the person who sinned which is a favor for him so that he will enjoy the pleasures of OILAM HABOH.


   But, By Most Punishment sin the Toirah, it is not seen in a REVEALED way that the punishment is for the GOOD of the person IN THIS WORLD!


   Only by the Punishment of the “Tzoraas” do we see in a REVEALED way how the punishment of the “Negoim” is for the good of the person! And then we know the same is for all other punishments!


   The Rambam explains; the whole inyan of “Tzoraas” was a Wonder, higher than nature, that HASHEM Used to warn Yidden from speaking Loshoin Horoh. If a person spoke Loshoin Horoh, then the first thing to happen was the walls of his home had Tzoraas! If the yid didn’t get the warning then the next thing was that his clothes had the tzoraas! If the Yid didn’t get the Warning, the Toraas would come on his skin! Which made him need to be separate himself from other yidden in order to teach him to stop speaking like the Reshoim speak!


   Which means, HASHEM make a special change in nature in order to warn the Yid from speaking Loshoin Horoh, also, his separation is in order that it become publicly known that he is dwelling alone WITH THE PURPOSE that it will cause him to stop speaking words of “Letzonois” and Loshoin Horoh!

   This explains why the Parsha is Called TAZRIAH!

   Tazriya means “seeding” which is the beginning of BIRTH of NEW LIFE :) similar to the seeding by produce and fruits, so that from the seeding there will a NEW GROWTH OF LIFE :)




   BOTH! The Nega itself, and the Separation of the person was NOT to PUNISH and do Bad to the person, Rather, they are all details and the way thru which the person will become healed from the bad which is by him, and he should Enter a NEW ORDER IN LIFE WHICH IS NOT with Letzoinois and the ways of Reshoim!


   And since the Toirah comes to teach us a lesson in life, this means it’s the same for ALL the other Punishments in Toirah, that they are a special action from HASHEM to help the Yid correct himself, he should go on the Good path :)


   And this applies to all Challenges we are given in our lives :) The Toirah is teaching us that they are a special action from HASHEM which are the SEEDS FOR A NEW LIFE OF BROCHO IN EVERYTHING WE DO IN GASHMIUS AND IN RUCHNIUS :)



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