Shabbos Parshas Vayikroh:)
Shabbos Roish
Choidesh Nisson,:):)

Shabbos Parshas Hachoidesh :):):)

Tiere Reb Pinchas, Askonim and Family Sheyichyu :)

BARUCH HASHEM this Shabbos we are taking out THREE Sifrai Torah :) :) :)

Which will surely remind us of ALEF BAIS GIMMEL :)

BARUCH HASHEM the week was again filled with teaching yidden the Exciting lessons in ALEF BAIS GIMMEL :) Thanking and Praising HASHEM YISBORAICH for all his Nissim and wonders in freeing me and reuniting me with my family and klal Yisroel :) Of course, we know that  HASHEM creates nature, Teva, But Nature hides the Creator,  while a ness reveals our creator :) with Emunah the Yid is able to believe that HASHEM is creating the nature around him, but seeing a Ness -Miracle- the Yid is able to SEE that HASHEM IS DOING IT and this  immediately inspires him to become closer to HASHEM YISBORAICH :)  THRU LEARNING HASHEMS HOLY TOIRAH AND DOING HIS HOLY MITZVOIS :) and its so inspiring to see how all yidden become so inspired with stronger Emunah and Bitachoin when they hear the story of HASHEMS incredibly amazing Nissim in freeing me from the place called prison :)

Our Parsha this week begins with “Vayikroh El Moishe.” Rashi tells us that the word “Vayikroh” is an expression of love. Moishe Rabbainu was the Greatest Novi and here HASHEM is calling to Moishe Rabbainu with such a great Love that is even greater than used for the Holy Angels :)  

But there is something unusual about the way “Vayikroh” is written because the last letter is a small Alef, written smaller than usual. So, what is the Torah teaching us?

The Explanation given is:


HASHEM is calling Moishe Rabbainu, expressing a great level of Holiness and Love to him, But Even this great level of Holiness and Love did not bring him to feel self-important or arrogant chas vesholom. He remained small and humble in his own eyes like the small Alef. How did Moishe Rabbainu achieve such great humility?

He always thought to himself that if another yid was given such a holy neshomoh such as his, then that Yid would surely be better than himself! Because that yid would use his Talents and strengths to reach greater heights and achievements :)


Feeling arrogant about his greatness would only be caused by Chas VShalom seeing himself as something separate from HASHEM YISBORAICH, someone who has something special, better than everyone else. Because he knew that he only as a servant of HASHEM YISBORAICH, he saw that everything HASHEM gave him was really HASHEM’S and only given for him to use, not something to feel big about. When WE know this it saves us from feeling too high and ALSO from feeling too LOW. Thru having proper Humility, the person's knowledge of his own strengths will not lead him astray or fall from his high-level Chas Vesholom.

This lesson is expressed in the Letter Alef because the Shape of the Alef shows the Full picture of our relationship to Hashem!.

What is an Alef? An Alef has a Yud on Top and a Yud on the Bottom with a line that Connects them! The Yud On Top Hints to HASHEM YISBORAICH. The Yud on the Bottom hints to the Yid Below. The Line is the Torah and Mitzvois which connects us Yidden with HASHEM YISBORAICH :)

Every Yid has a Neshomoh, from which he has Pure Emunah in HASHEM YISBORAICH. Intuitively, Every Yid understands that HASHEM is the only existence, and the source of life and pleasure, and a yid never wants and is never able to be torn away from HASHEM.

However, since the Neshomoh is clothed in the physical world, this realization can be concealed so we don’t feel that way without effort, and our Emunah needs to be revealed thru learning and understanding the Greatness of HASHEM :)

When we understand that HASHEM does Everything, and we have a specific purpose for which we are created, we are not thrown into confusion, either feeling too high or too low and we are not puffed up by the gifts HASHEM gives us and we’re able to Illuminate the darkness of the challenges we are given, because we see that in the darkness that are sparks of holiness which we need to reveal.

Emunah brings us to understand that EVERYTHING in the world is being created by and is guided by a very specific Divine Providence! And that HASHEM gives us our personal specific mission to accomplish for him, which is the whole purpose of our life :) there is NO OTHER person who is able to do the work we are created to do :) of course, since HASHEM wants us to do a mission for him, its understandable that HASHEM also gives us our own specific KOIACH we need to fulfill his mission and therefore we are the only the person who is able to get the mission accomplished!

With Emunah we never have the question of “Why Me?”! We NEVER wonder why our life is not like someone else? The Question of “Why is he smarter than me or richer than me?” is never asked! Because we know that HASHEM creates the world and every detail in the world is created with DIVINE PROVIDENCE :)

Each one of us has the general mission to make this world Dwelling place for HASHEM Thru Learning Torah and Doing Mitzvois along with The SPECIFIC mission to bring light into the darkness of the challenges we are given! A Challenge that can be completed by the one who is given that specific Nisayoin!

Understanding that everything we have, whether it is pleasant or difficult, is sent especially to us, helps us fully use out what we are given and not to look at what others are given. I saw this very clearly in a place called prison when they gave out the mail.

One method of distributing mail was, the officer would shout “Mail Time” and then all the prisoners in the Barrack would gather around him, hoping for a letter sent to them from a friend or family. When The officer called out the name on the envelope, the prisoner would come forth to retrieve his mail. In other words, it was a public scene.

BARUCH HASHEM I am very happy to say that I received mail from many yidden, adults, and children, which was a great source of chizuk for me, and so my name was frequently announced. The officer would take an envelope out of the bag and say “Andrew Smith” and take the next letter and announce “Sholom Rubashkin” and then the next letter again “Sholom Rubashkin” and then Again “Sholom Rubashkin”. This would be interrupted by a letter for “Roy Gonzalez” but would switch back quickly to “Sholom Rubashkin.”

Some prisoners started making comments how “all the mail” in the bag was for me (of course it wasn’t) and I could sense there was jealousy in the air.  For example, even before the officer would read the name on the next envelope, they would say “Sholom Rubashkin!”

Obviously, it’s absurd for any sane individual to think that the mail that I was receiving was somehow reducing the ability for them to receive their own mail.

Among other things, a person could make a MISTAKE and think that someone else is taking something away from him. For Example: If Reuvain Buys a Home which Shimon feels he could have bought before Reuvain did. It’s possible for Shimon to make the mistake to be jealous and think Reuvain took away something which “He” could have Had!

Of course, Shimon is lacking in his Emunah in Divine Providence, and is totally in the dark and clueless, because he doesn’t understand the way HASHEM controls the world!  There is nothing that Shimon could have if HASHEM doesn’t want him to have it, and there is nothing Reuvain could have unless HASHEM wants him to have it! But At Least there is some mistaken “Logic” that Shimon uses to have the bad of Middoh of Jealousy!

However, Regarding the issue of Mail, there is absolutely no basis for anyone to think that my Receiving a letter written to me has taken away anything from him! Think about it. The Letter was written specifically to me and has absolutely no connection with anyone else! Would he have any more mail if I didn’t receive any mail? Absolutely NOT! Because he has no association with any of the mail that is being sent to me!

Even more! Let’s say he would receive the mail that was sent to me? It would be absolutely meaningless to him! HE WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IT WAS SAYING. It would have NO Emotional significance for him or for anyone else. When the letter says “I Love You” it's NOT Talking About him! When the letter is requesting me to do something, it's NOT asking that of him!

The Baal Shem Toiv Says; From Everything, a Yid sees and hears he needs to take a lesson in his Avoidas HASHEM :) and there is an important powerful lesson here to be learned!

Just as each letter is sent by the sender to a specific person whom the sender has in mind, and it makes no logical sense to wish to have someone else’s letter, the same way, HASHEM sends his specific “Letter/Mission” to each Specific Yid :)

Each Specific Nisayoin we have in life is not an “Accident” And didn’t happen by itself! Rather its HASHEM who the specific yid his specific Nisayoin! The Reason the Specific Nisayoin is Given to this specific Person is that HASHEM knows that ONLY this specific Yid is able to overcome this Nisayoin and Bring Light into the Darkness of his part of Creation! When the specific yid overcomes his specific Nisayoin, bringing light into his part of creation, he is fulfilling HASHEM’S desire in creation in making this world with all of its specific details a dwelling place for HASHEM :)

With Emunah, The Yid who sees the Nisayoin he is given in life will NEVER ask “Why Me?! Because he knows with pure faith that ONLY HASHEM is giving him the challenge and that HASHEM has already given him the “KOIACH” to overcome that darkness and turn it over to light, and that when he completes his mission he will be BLESSED with KOL TUV in Bonei, Chayei, and Mezoinei!

The lesson is very simple and very powerful!

Everything we have and everything we face was chosen for us by HASHEM, and is the BEST THING For us :)

By fulfilling bringing HASHEMS Light into our part of the world :) we are fulfilling the Mitzvoh of “Veosu Lee Mikdosh VEshochanti Besoichm” making ourselves, our home and the whole world a dwelling place for HASHEM :) which is our purpose in life :) and as it says in our parsha :) we make a Nachas Ruach for HASHEM YISBORAICH :) and there is NO greater Simcha and NO greater Taanug than Being connected with HASHEM YISBORAICH :) and the same thing is true for our friend! Let’s use what HASHEM gave us to do what HASHEM asks us with SIMCHA and BITACHOIN and MENUCHAS HAFESH! :) AND WE WILL MERIT TO SEE OUR GEULOH SHLAIMOH NOW WITH MOSHIACH TZIDKAINU :)






Sholom Mordechai Halevi Ben Avrohom Aharoin Sheyichye :)