Shabbos Parshas Tzav
Shabbos Hagodoil
Erev Pesach

Tiere Reb Pinchas Askonim and Family Sheyichyu,

BARUCH HASHEM :) WOW :) INCREDIBLY   AMAZING :) The Letter for Pesach I am writing now is from my home, and not from a place called Prison :) HOIDU LEHASHEM KEE TOIV KEE LEOILOM CHASDOI :)m LEOISEH NIFLOISOIS GEDOILOIS LEVADOI KEE LEOILOM CHASDOI :) 

Thank You Klal Yisroel, my dear brothers and sisters who came together with such amaz ing Ahavas Yisroel to be mispalel for me and to increase in Tzedoko and Maasim Toivim and we were rewarded for this :) because in front of our very eyes we witnessed a open Nais that I was freed from the place called prison and reunited with my family and Klal Yisroel with unbridled joy and Simcha :) with this we all SAW the awesome Power of “ALEF BAIS GIMMEL” Thru our unwavering EMUNAH and BITACHOIN without any limitations in HASHEM YISBORAICH we are able to bring down the GEULOH we need and trusting HASHEM to give us :)

Extraordinarily, the Simcha continues to this day - I see the overflowing joy and gratitude to Hashem Yisboreich that Am Yisroel feels everywhere I go. Just today, hundreds of children of all ages, together with their teachers, gathered to celebrate Hashem's Nissim and take the lessons of Aleph=Emunah, Beis=Bitachon brings Gimmel=Geulah into their lives. They were strengthened in their Emunah and Bitachon and, although it's three months after the Nes, they danced with pure heartfelt joy for a long time, with the same joy as they showed on the day it happened.

Nissan is a month of Nissim and Pesach is Zman Cheirusainu. It is an opportune time for every one of us to ask Hashem for our individual Cheirus from anything that inhibits us, as well as for true Cheirus for all Klal Yisroel with our Geulah Shleima now with Moshiach Tzidkeinu. 

Yes, Our Emunah and Bitachoin have the power to bring about the very Yeshuah we are asking HASHEM to give us :) The second shabbos after I was freed was parshas Vayechee, and I gave over a Dvar Toirah on the parsha which teaches us how our Emunah and Bitachoin bring the Yeshuah we need.

Yaakov Oveenu lived in Mitzrayim for 17 years, and felt he was going to pass away. He gathered his children around him and wanted to reveal the time when yidden will go out of Golus!. Generally, this is understood to refer that Yaakoiv wanted to reveal when our golus will end, and the day when Moshiach will come! May it be Today!

However, if this is what Yaakoiv wanted to reveal to them, then, what positive message of “Chizuk” was Yaakoiv Oveenu trying to tell his children before passing away?!. We Now know that thousands of years have passed and so What possible “Chizuk” would his children take from knowing that they would be languishing in Golus on and off for over 3500 years?! 

The Answer is given as follows:
The End of Golus Yaakoiv Oveenu was Referring to, was not the golus we are in, rather, the end of Golus Mitzrayim. He wanted his children to know that their Geuloh from Mitzrayim would be able to be shortened from 400 and if they will serve HASHEM properly they will be able to leave also! HASHEM YISBORAICH reduced the time they were actually IN Mitrayim from 400 years to 210 years! This was achieved thru the Yidden's Emunah in HASHEM and in the added servitude which they endured! In the merit of their Emunah, HASHEM calculated the 400 years from when Yitzchok Oveenu was born, thereby Speeding up the time they would need to suffer in Golus Mitzrayim.

Everyone knew about the Gzairoh of Bris Bain Habsorim. They knew that HASHEM told Avrohom Oveenu that his children will in exile for 400 years, and so they were bracing themselves to be in exile for another 383 years! This meant many generations would not merit to leave Mitzrsayim!

So, the “Chizuk” that Yaakoiv Oveenu wanted to give his children was that they were able to speed up the time when they would be redeemed Thru their Emunah in HASHEM YISBORAICH! Thru their Emunah, the time from 400 was going to be Recalculated to 210 in Mitzrayim because the time would begin with the Birth of Yitzchok Oveenu! Which meant, Thru their Avoidas HASHEM they could shorten it even further to be much less time in Mitzrayim! And they would also be able to be freed!

Upon Hearing this, My Son Yossi told me a AMAZING insight :) There was the Gzairoh to be in exile in a place called prison for 27 Rachmono Litzlan! But, HASHEM YISBORAICH made Nissim and freed me after 8 and a Half Years approx. :) so, if you calculate from the time I came down to the Midwest to help my father, the time I was freed, it works out to be 27 Years!!!!!! 
This is a clear lesson of ALEPH BAIS GIMMEL :) 

Thru our Avoidah with EMUNAH AND BITACHOIN IN HASHEM YISBORAICH, we were able to bring the GEULOH much faster, and HASHEM YISBORAICH recalculated the 27 years to begin from the time I came to the Midwest and not only the exile of being in the place called prison. 

This strengthens us to become stronger in our EMUNAH and BITACHOIN for our Geuloh Shlaimoh from the Golus we are in, which will speed up the time, and HASHEM YISBORAICH will bring our GEULOH SHLAIMOH Now with Moshiach Tzidkainu Bimhairoh Beyomianu :) 

Thru the power of our Emunah and Bitachoin we empowered to bring down HASHEMS unlimited Koiach which is Higher than Nature, into the world of Limitations of Natural Order.

The Bitachoin itself brings the Good Results which the yid Trusts HASHEM to give him. 

How so?

The Obligation of Bitachoin which we are commanded is not only a “part” of our Emunah that Everything is from HASHEM and HASHEM is Merciful and Kind. Rather, Bitachoin is a Avoidah in itself. Bitachoin is the Yid Complete Reliance on HASHEM where he throws his whole lot onto HASHEMS HAND as it says; “Hashlaich Al HASHEM Yehovcho, Vhu Ychalkelecho” to the point where he doesn’t have any other reliance in the world besides HASHEM!

Therefore, its understood that this Bitachoin in HASHEM is in a way where the even when the Matzav is such that there is no way he could be saved in a naturally occurring way, or even when its IMPOSSIBLE for him to be saved according to the rules of nature, he still supports himself and relies on HASHEM YISBORAICH WHO IS NOT LIMITED IN THE RULES OF NATURE CHAS VESHOLOM TO SAVE HIM!

This “Avoidah” of Bitachoin itself Is the yids foundation that HASHEM will do the revealed good for him even when he is not deserving!

Because, Bitachoin does not mean, that he BELIEVES that since HASHEMS Chessed is without limitation, to those who are worthy and to those who are not worthy, therefore he will receive HASHEMS chessed without any Avoidah from his part! (Because according to this, the idea of reward and punishment is nullified) Rather, Bitachoin is a Avoidah and a Strong effort from the yid, and this Avoidah of Bitachoin brings the Chessed from HASHEM :)

Because HASHEM works Midoh Kneged Midoh :) and since the Yid is Relying ONLY on HASHEM from the Depths of his Neshomoh, without any limitations, to the point where he doesn’t have any worries at all, so this Avoidah from the Yid Causes that HASHEM will act with him in the same way and will do good for him, even when according to limitations he is not worthy of it, and HASHEM gives him the good he needs in a good and revealed way :) 

Preparations for pesach two years ago in a place called prison was given over to a few yidden who took charge to prepare. They worked very hard to make sure everything needed for pesach would be there before pesach started. Everyone came to the chapel to help set up the tables and chairs etc. until sundown. I went to open the box that had the items for the seder and horrified to discover the “Zeroiah” for the Kaaroh was missing! 

The Zeroiah is to remember the “Korbon Pesach” and The Thought of not having a complete Kaaroh for seder was unbearably disturbing! Actually, it was IMPOSSIBLE to accept that it would be missing. so i quickly went to the chaplain in charge and told him that they forgot to bring a VERY important part of our religious seder ceremony and the solution is for him to go to the other part of the prison known as the ‘camp’ where they had extra ones!

This was something they VERY rarely do, so I needed to explain the severity of the situation to him! But how to explain to a non-Jewish chaplain the importance of having the Zeroia?! How to explain the importance of a ‘chicken neck’ for the seder “ceremony”?

HASHEM gave me the idea to bring a Hagadah that had a picture of the seder plate with the six things on it, including a “Chicken Neck” and showed him how the “Chicken Neck” is Missing which we need for the “Seder Plate” which is the center of the seder Table! 

Anticipating his question of why a seder plate with 5 things is not enough? I gave him a moshol from a car :) Clearly, it’s NOT enough for a car to have THREE wheels to ride on, A car MUST have ALL FOUR Wheels for it to be a Car! This is the same way for a seder plate! Its NOT a Seder plate if it has only FIVE of the SIX things it needs as the religious requirement, and so please bring us the “Chicken Neck” from the camp!

The Ness was that he took it seriously and tried calling the camp but they didn’t answer! So instead of saying he cant and he tried etc. HASHEM made the ness that he PERSONALLY Went to the camp and did something which was TOTALLY out of the ordinary and brought something from there into the chapel where we were :) when He came into the chapel holding the Chicken necks for the Zeroia in his hands , I was so overcome with SIMCHA and THANKS TO HASHEM for being able to HIS Mitzvoh that I ran over to him and started dancing with him :) He Smiled and I smiled and laughed even MORE :) :)

There is a Difference between a “Want” which is based on Reason and a Want which comes from the essence of our Neshomoh. When we want something which is based on a Reason, for example, if we are hungry and we want a full course meal to satisfy our hunger, then even If someone brings us a partial meal to eat :) because a part of the meal partially satisfies the hunger, then the person is happy a “Part” of his Want was fulfilled :) 

BUT if our “want” comes from the essence of our Being, we want this because when its from “I” who wants its, then partially fulfilling the want, it WILL NOT BE FULFILLED because what was wanted was NOT fulfilled. It came from the indivisible essence and therefore partially fulfilling it doesn’t do anything! The want that comes from the essence could only be fulfilled when the WHOLE want is Fulfilled!

A Mitzvoh is HASHEMS Will which is higher than Reason. Therefore doing a mitzvoh only partially, does Not Fulfill at all the Mitzvoh from HASHEM! We must complete every part of the Mitzvoh to fulfill the will of HASHEM :) 

The same applies to the way WE do a Mitzvoh!

When we do a Mitzvoh with “Mesiras Nefesh” which means, “Mesiras Harotzoin” we giving over our Essential will to do HASHEMS will :) so, by giving our will completely to HASHEM, which comes from the depth of our neshomoh, coming from our very essence, then we connect with the level of Holiness that is higher than limitations and we bring the UNLIMITED KEDUSHA into the Limited world we live and we bring HASHEMS UNLIMITED BROCHOIS into our lives :) 


The Definition of “Kodoish” is Holy. The Definition of “Holy” is something removed from the rest of the world, because it transcends the order of the world. “Kedusha” -Holiness- Transcends the world with its limits of nature. HASHEM created the world to make it a place of Holiness where his holy Shechinah will Rest in a revealed way.


We Yidden are fortunate to be given the mission to learn his holy Toirah and do its Holy Mitzvois in this physical world, even when its shrouded in such a great Darkness, Such as the darkness of Exile. Making a COMPLETE Seder Plate with Physical items (Including the Chicken Neck to Remember the Korbon Pesach) Connects the Yid with HASHEM and Brings Kedusha even into the darkness of a place called prison. HASHEM sends the Yid with his HOLY neshomoh into the world with a mission to bring the Holiness which is higher than limitations into the world of Limitations :) by doing our mission we bring ALL of HASHEMS BROCHOIS into ourselves :) 

The “Seder” is performed with the utmost attention to the order of each part. Punctuating the need to perform the Mitzvah in its “Natural Order” and sequence, which is limited in its very nature.
However, In order to perform the mitzvah of bringing the First Korbon Pesach, the yid needed Mesiras Nefesh to fulfill the Mitzvoh. Mesiras Nefesh is a Koiach that is “Higher” than any Natural Order the person works in. 

The first time the Yidden were commanded to do Korbon Pesach it required the utmost Mesiras Nefesh, which is going beyond personal structure and Seder. The Yidden tied a sheep, the Avoido Zoroh of Mitzraim, to their bedpost for four days. When the Mitzriyim, who were still in power, asked why they were doing this, the Yidden responded with pride "because Hashem commanded me to." Naturally, this should have provoked the Mitzriyim to harm the Yidden, but because the Yid was doing Hashem's Mitzvois with pride, Hashem protected him from harm and ultimately took him out of all his limitations.

Mesiras Nefesh means giving oneself over to do HASHEMS will in a way that is higher than Logic! And Yet, The Highlight of the Seder is eating the Korbon Pesach, and the Taste of the Korbon Pesach must remain with the person long after the seder (which is why in remembering the Korbon Pesach, we are not permitted to eat anything else after we eat the Afikomen!) Yet, we are commanded to Make the seder and also bring the Korbon Pesach to be eaten by the seder!?

We can understand this is NOT a Contradiction! Rather, this teaches us the way we need to serve HASHEM throughout the WHOLE Year! Yes, we need to serve HASHEM with our Natural Koichois which is our Sechel and Middois, BUT we must NEVER be Limited to serving HASHEM with the limitations of our Logic or the Limitations of our feelings! Rather, we much bring the Koiach we must serve HASHEM in a way that we go OUT of our “Mitzrayim” -Limitations- :) WE MUST BRING THE POWER OF OUR MESIRAS NEFESH INTO OUR SEDER :) TO BRING EMUNAH AND BITACHOIN INTO OUR DAILY LIVES :) 

The message is clear. We live in a world of Seder - structure, and limitations, BUT as Yidden we must know that we are higher than nature. It is our mission to bring the Korbon Pesach into the Seder. Practically that means applying and infusing our Emunah and Bitachon (which is our ability to transcend Seder, structure, and limitation) into our daily lives. Then, as we all know, Emunah and Bitachoin will bring our Geulah, our victory over personal limitations, internal and external.

We live in a world of nature which by definition is limited. When a person is in an Eis Tzoroh and sees that there is no way to be helped in a natural way - that's when our Emunah and Bitachon must be ignited. In the Zchus of our Emunah and Bitachon, Hashem will take us out of our Tzoroh and give us a Yeshuah and Geulah that's higher than nature, because Hashem is Bli Gvul, higher than any limitations.

It's simple to remember ALEPH BEIS GIMMEL :) :) :) 

Regarding Bitachoin, its brought In Shaar Habitachoin that as the YID must have Bitachon in HASHEM that the Yid will be saved from the Tzoroh, The Yid must also have Bitachoin that HASHEM will punish the wicked!

In Describing the time of our Geuloh Shlaimoh, the Novi says; “Ve’es Ruach Hatumoh Aavir Min Ho’ortez” Which means; Going out of Golus is Not ONLY Our Freedom by Going out of Golus, but also, the Tumoh will be removed forever from the world!

This Shabbos is Parshas Tzav and “Shabbos Hagodoil”.
The Reason why the Shabbos Before Pesach is called “Shabbos Hagodoil”, is because of the “Nais Godoil” which was made in it.

As it says in the Posuk “Lemakeh Mitzrayim Bivchoiraihem” -To Punish Mitzrayim thru their First Born-


The Ness is Described as follows;
The Yidden in Mitzrayim were commanded to take the “Sheep” for the Korbon Pesach on the 10th day which Shabbos that Year. The “First-Born” of Mitzrayim asked the Yidden why are they doing this? The Yidden proudly and unashamedly answered them; “This is a “Korbon Pesach” which we are offering to HASHEM who is going to kill the “Bechorai Mitzrayim”. The “First-Born” went to their fathers and to Paroi, Requesting them to send out the Yidden, and they didn’t want to send the Yidden free. So, the First Born of Mitzrayim waged war against them and killed many of themm! This Nais was Established for Generations on Shabbos and was named “Shabbos Hagodoil”!

We need to understand the importance of this “Nais Godoil, since it seems to be a “Side Issue” which was connected to how the mitzriyim ! Because; This Nais is not connected with the Nullification of our Servitude in Mitzrayim, which happened Months before then! Nor is it connected with our Freedom and going out of Mitzrayim for which we had to wait until AFTER “Makas Bechoirois!?

The Answer is; “Yetzias Moitzrayim” is not only the Yidden being saved and go out of Mitzrayim, but its also that there was the “Bitul” Nullification of Mitzrayim! Turning over the darkness into light! Because thru this the Purpose of the world is fulfilled, by the lowest part of the world becoming a dwelling place for HASHEM, where it reveals the Greatness and truth of HASHEM YISBORAICH :) 

And this “Shlaimus” (the Nullification of the RA/TUMOH) started with the First Born Egyptians making war against their Fathers and Paroi! When the strength of the Egyptians itself Fights Against the Egyptians and do so for the benefit of the Yidden to be Freed from The Slavery of Mitzrayim, this is a GREAT NESS :) which shows that NOT ONLY are they not against freeing the Yidden, but the darkness actually actively fights against the darkness to free the yidden this is an AMAZING NESS which we celebrate every year on Shabbos Hagodoil :) 

When the Yidden took the Sheep in Mitzrayim, and the Egyptians asked them what they were doing and they answered with pride that they were doing the mitzvoh of HASHEM YISBORAICH :) then not only they didn’t hurt them, but actively went to fight for the yidden!

This means; When Yidden do the preparations for going out of Mitzrayim in a open way, and in front of the nations, then they cause AUTOMATICALLY a shlaimus and refining of the world, and the strength of the world fights against paroi and the Egyptians for the freedom of the yidden :) 

As we these Nissim in the times of our father, we again saw these Nissim in OUR DAYS :) 






Sholom Mordechai ben Avrohom Ahroin Halevi Sheyichye :)