Shabbos Parshas Shmini

Shabbos Mevorchim Choidesh Iyor

Shabbos Mochor Choidesh

Tiere Reb Pinchas, Askonim and family Sheyichyu :)

Sholom Uvrocho,




“SHMINI” means the “EIGHTH”, and Parshas Shmini begins with telling us how HASHEM came down into the Mishkon the Yidden built on the EIGHTH day :)


Number 7 Represents the world which was created in 7 days, as it's in the Natural state of its limitations.  Number 8 represents the power of HASHEM which is HIGHER than Nature. 8 Represents G-DLINESS which Transcends Nature and is NOT Limited in the limitations of nature! We see this by the day we are commanded to make the “Bris”. Since the Bris we make with HASHEM is a Bond which transcends any limitation, and is our connection with HASHEM which is NOT based on our understanding or feelings, rather our connection is an Eternal Bond with HASHEM YISBORAICH which is can NEVER be severed :)


What makes this year special, is that we read parshas “Shmini” EIGTH Times :) what makes this Shabbos special, is that this shabbos will be the EIGHTH time we read parshas Shmini this Year :)  And there is a very GESHMAKER Yiddisher Saying that goes like this :) “Shmini” (The 8th),  Shmoinah (8) Shmainoh (Fat/Abundance) which means in English :) The Year when we read “Shnmini for Shmoinah -8- times, this means the year will be a year of “Shmainoh” :) a Year which is Fat and Abundant with HASHEM YISBORAICHS Brochois in everything we need :) Children Gezunt and Parnosoh Behorchovoh :)

BARUCH HASHEM By Living with the Yoim Toiv in a way which is Real we actually RELIVE all the NISSIM and “Hashpo’ois’ which made it the Yoim Toiv :) On “Pesach” HASHEM “Jumped Over” our homes and took us out of “Mitzrayim”. This means that we take the Koiach from Pesach to “Jump Over” all of our Limitations that confine us in our Individual “Mitzrayim”.Freedom means Going OUT of all Limitations that limit us in our serving HASHEM YISBORAICH :) and BARUCH HASHEM This Pesach was the FIRST Pesach in over 8 years which I was able to serve HASHEM TOGETHER with my family in a place called freedom :) Obviously, My Gratitude to HASHEM YISBORAICH for his infinite chessed is boundless and I would like to share with you how the first Pesach in a place Called Freedom was :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Our Pesach Preparations Actually started on spiritual High :) It was Just After Purim, when our  Children Remembered their great idea of a few months ago. The idea was to Pull together all the Divrai Toirah and personal experiences which I sent them over the last 8 years from a place called prison, and print them in a book, and make it available to all of our dear brothers and sisters in Klal Yisroel to show our “Hakoras Hatoiv” For everything they did for our family to bring me home :) The Idea was a Great one, but since there were only a few weeks left until pesach, it seemed like there wasn’t enough time to get it done!

BUT! Of course, we know the lesson of ALEF BAIS GIMMEL :) with Emunah and Bitachoin in HASHEM YISBORAICH we have our Geulah :) Liberate ourselves from all “Cheshboinois” -limitations- which seem to limit our serving HASHEM :) In Truth, Because a Yid is connected with HASHEM, therefore, The Yid is Really HIGHER than Nature and has Nothing to do with the Limitations of nature!


Emunah Means, Believing and Knowing that HASHEM Creates the world and everything in it! But it's not Enough to have Emunah in an “external” way, where it remains disconnected from our logical process in making a decision, rather, we need to “Internalize” our Emunah, and Adopt our Emunah into the Rational Thought process when use when we make our decisions! In other words, we need to bring the SHMINI, the power of Emunah which is Higher than logic, into the 7 days of our week which is in the confines of the world, and act upon it :) So we decided to Make the Effort to have the book Printed and distributed to as many yidden as we can BEFORE Pesach :)


This is a lesson we learn from the 7th day of Pesach By Kriyas Yam Suf! While we all focus on the Great Ness which HASHEM made for us when HE Split the Yam Suf to save us, and to drown the Egyptians, there is also a Very Important lesson we need to learn from the way the Yidden acted before the Great Ness!

There is a common notion where people say “If Only I would SEE a Miracle in front of my eyes, then I would definitely believe in HASHEM and cleave to him” But the Experience at the Yam Suf Teaches us differently!


The Yidden who left Mitzrayim were “Believers”! They had seen the Ten Makois which HASHEM Sent to the Egyptians and Taught them how HASHEM is the ONLY force in the whole world and how all their idols were Really Nothing and Totally worthless! Each of the Makois were meant to show HASHEMS Power over EVERY aspect in creation, from the world below to the Heavens Above! In Addition to the Yidden were surrounded by the clouds of glory and were being led thru the Desert by HASHEM with open miracles :)


BUT all of this didn’t affect the Yidden enough, in order to NOT be afraid when they saw the formidable might of Parois army which was descending upon them. They were still impressed by the “Natural” power of Parois Powerful army, not having internalized their Emunah that ONLY HASHEM creates everything in the world, and Since the whole world was created for the YIDDEN to make this world a Dwelling place for HASHEM, its Actually IMPOSSIBLE for the world to stand in the way and really prevent the yid from serving HASHEM! And if there some Matzav in the world which makes it seems as if it's preventing the Yid from doing HASHEMS will, in truth its only a “Nisayoin” which HASHEM is using to test the yid to see if the Yid as internalized and  Adopted his Emunah into his Logical Process, or if his Emunah is only a superior power which is above his self.


By the Akaidas Yitzchok, Avrohom Oveenu was Travelling to do HASHEMS will. On the way, He saw a River in front of him which was blocking his ability to continue to “Har Hamoiriya”! But Avrohom Oveenu knew that the world was created to help him do HASHEMS will, and therefore the River could really stop him, so Avrohom Oveenu went into the water, knowing it couldn’t really block him from doing HASHEMS will :) His given overness to do HASHEMS Will revealed the Truth, and the River Disappeared! The whole existence of the River was only to test Avrohom Oveenu and once he showed how his Emunah permeated the way he understood the world around him, the true existence of the world was revealed to him and it moved out of his way! Allowing him to continue on to serve HASHEM as he was commanded to do :)


This is why the word “Nisayoin” which is typically translated as a “Challenge” has also the meaning of ‘neiss’ which means to “raise up” high as a flag. Because the Nisayoin we are given from HASHEM is NOT meant to beat us down, rather, the Nisayoin is in order to Raise us UP higher :) by us going deeper into our neshomoh to reveal our greater strengths which we never would know we have, until we are forced to reveal them thru a Nisayoin!


It's truly impossible for an anything in the world to stop a yid from doing a mitzvah and serving HASHEM!
if there exists such a matzav, it really is meant for the Yid to Reveal the Truth that HASHEM creates this matzav of a Nisayoin in order for US tocome CLOSER TO HASHEM :) This Teaches us that when we are in a matzav where it seems as if the world is standing up against us, we reveal our Emunah to reveal that its only a “Nisayoin” which HASHEM is making to test us to see if we have EMUNAH in HASHEM that its HE who is Doing it or do we fall down to think the world in secular terms, to deal with it in a secular way which uses the logical approach which is void of EMUNAH and therefore will confine us in the quagmire of nature and its limitations!  


So, knowing the printing of the sefer will add to the Simchas Yoim Toiv by so many of our brethren, we all decided to go “Lechatchiloh Ariber” and started working on it :)

Along with the children, there were many Amazing Volunteers who have experience in editing and preparing the emails for print who added to their workday to make time to edit and make the grammatical and spelling corrections needed before print.  The Incredible Laine family who owns the “Printhouse” made it possible to have the book printed in quick time and then came the effort to make it available in as many stores as possible where Yidden could buy it.


In Addition to the physically printed sefer, Our Nephew Shmuel from California Jumped in to make the sefer available for Free in the ALEFBAISGIMMEL.COM website :) including is the ability to download the sefer for print or have it sent in the mail also :)


BARUCH HASHEM we were Matzliach against all limitations of Tevah! We Clearly saw Alef Bais Gimmel come ALIVE :) How thru Emunah and Bitachoin in HASHEM we successfully got the sefer printed and distributed before pesach :) HASHEM sent all the good shluchim which were needed to make the book a reality and BARUCH HASHEM the Sefer was well accepted and many yidden shared with us how much the Divrai Toirah and words of Chizuk in Emunah and Bitachoin added to their SEDER TABLE and of course since “Chairus” -freedom” is not only for Pesach but for the whole Year, the Sefer is actually good learning for the whole year also :)


While all of this is going on, we needed to also prepare the house we were staying in for pesach :) BARUCH HASHEM a Tiere Yid Allowed us to use his larger home, so our family could be together for pesach :) This was such an amazing gift for pesach, because this is allowed our family to praise HASHEM together, to Thank Him for allowing me to sit with our children and Grandchildren together for the first time in 9 years :) and for some Ainiklach this was going to be their FIRST Seder At their seder table :)


“Chairus” was in the air :) as we worked on preparing the house for Pesach :) Cabinets Counters needed to be covered, and m tables were used to make a large table for our whole family could sit around it :) my children watched me with excitement as I did all the necessary steps to tape and then cover the table with the Pesach cover, as it brought them back to the times of Pesach before the whole Nisayoin and with every move we said THANK YOU HASHEM FOR BRINGING TATTY HOME :)

At every step where I could draw the difference between the way Pesach was by me for the last 8 years in the place called prison and now how Thankful we need to be to HASHEM for freeing me and bringing me home :) and so let me share with you a few of these moments :)


Walking home from Shul with my children and grandchildren was an Amazing feeling of Thanks and Praise to HASHEM YISBORAICH :) We entered the home singing “Vesomachtoh Bechagecho” were all greeted by the younger children who couldn’t walk home from shul :) and we danced around the table with GREAT SIMCHA :) The Feeling of FREEDOM from Limitations was palpable and we all wanted to show our Thanks and praise to HASHEM YISBORAICH :) we would have continued our dancing, but the seder needed to be started :)


My son reminded me what he had said a few years ago :) when I come home he will say by the seder :) GLAICH VEN DER TATE KUMT AHAIM FUN PRISON DARF ER MACHEN KIDDUSH :) and BARUCH HASHEM i was home by the seder and ready to make Kiddush :)


During the seder, As I was describing the different difficulties I lived thru in the place called prison on Pesach, I found myself hesitant to do so. I realized that By speaking about it, it sort of reminded me of the time of “Oinee” and I wanted to feel the time of “Chairus”! But I overcame it, by realizing the whole Haggadah begins with “Avodim Hoyeenu….” Because thru remembering the hard times we were in we are able to Thank and Praise HASHEM even more because it was ONLY HASHEM Who redeemed me from the place called prison.


(This also explains why my father was so reluctant to speak of all of his hardships of being a yid in the Soviet Union and then having to flee from his home in nevel when the Germans yemach shmom attacked!)


There is SO much for me to write on how we went thru the Hagodoh and the Lesson we shared with each other, ALL of them in Thanks and Praise to HASHEM YISBORAICH for his nissim in our days :) and FEELING the Going out of Mitzrayim TODAY ALSO :) The Feeling of Being Saved by HASHEM YISBORAICH from a Tzoroh that seemed so impposible to be saved from, Yet we ALL saw how HASHEM YISBORAICH ALONE made the ness and freed me from the place called prison :) and I so much tried to teach this to my children on the night when we have the Mitzvoh of “And You should Tell your Children….”
This is a Mitzvah which I could Not Fulfill in the place calledprison and it was Precisely this Mitzvah which inspired me the most! (I won't have the time to share with you all the different of them in this email, BUT if you asked me “what is the one thing that inspired me most?” I would say the following.


While I was saying the Haggadah, the Younger Children and Grandchildren would stop me and ask me their questions and then I would give them an answer. The Look on their faces while they asked the question and while they heard or gave the answer was a look I haven’t seen for EIGHT LONG YEARS! The Purity of the child asking a question about why are serving HASHEM in a certain way! The Sparkle in their eye when they feel the presented their question so well and the smile that breaks out on their pure faces when they receive an answer that can relate to :) and their willingness to continue on to further explore the Nissim which HASHEM is doing for us :) This was something that really surprised me, and I realized that I was RELIVING which was denied to me for so long!


Whenever I could I would explain the answer with a parallel Experience I LIVED thru in the place called Prison. The Reason for this was to emphasize the Truth that HASHEM IS EMES AND OUR EMUNAH and BITACHOIN In HASHEM is REAL :) The Children Stayed up all thru the seder the First Night :) And we all danced together by HALEL and Especially After the seder :) and BARUCH HASHEM Then stayed up by the seder until 430 the second night. We were ALL BESIMCHA and this added to my limitless thanks and praise to HASHEM YISBORAICH for freeing me and allowing me to have the seder with my family and further dedicate ourselves to takeh teaching our children about the TRUE being of who we are :) we are HASHEMS CHILDREN and HASHEMS SERVANTS :) and we have the Great Zechus to fulfill the Purpose and Mission which HASHEM gives us :) which is the Greatest SIMCHA we could have and this gives us the MENUCHAS HANEFESH AND SIMCHAS HACHAIM WE NEED :) and we are Ready to be redeemed now from the golus we are in, thru Moshiach Tzidkainu :)











Sholom Mordechai Halevi Ben Avrohom Ahroin Sheyichye