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Shabbos before י"ב-יג תמוז

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שלום וברכה 😊


ברוך השם this Shabbos is the אופרוף of our dear son ר' יוסף יצחק הלוי שי to the תורה in preparation for his חתונה the next day on י"א תמוז הבעל"ט :) For me there is the greater שמחה and שבח והודי' to הקב"ה for freeing me and giving me the זכות to be able to be בעז"ה by his Chasunah! :)

א ב ג - Two Stories


A Yid reached out to me last Friday to say, “Thank You.” He told me that he had been going through a very difficult challenge in his life for the past few months. He went to be מתפלל by the קברי צדיקים beseeching הקב"ה to send him a ישועה. The situation became very difficult to the point where he couldn’t see anything further he could do to be help his situation.


That is when a friend of his shared with him the Farbrengen we had in Monsey on ל"ג בעומר which gave him great חיזוק. Specifically, he took strength and clarity from the account of what happened the day before I was miraculously freed from prison!


That day I received the letter from the Appeals Court about my latest appeal. This was the last motion the lawyers could make in the legal system, which was the last השתדלות they could make. The letter stated that my motion was denied. In other words, they were saying “You are going to remain in the place called prison for the full sentence, another 18-19 years!


In natural terms, it was over! As a Yid, a Maamin ben Maamin, however, I was able to maintain complete אמונה ובטחון בהשם that I would in fact be saved, because השם is not limited, חס ושלום, by any limitations of nature. The situation I found myself in is addressed clearly in the פסוק  in תהלים which says השלך על השם יהבך והוא יכלכלך, teaching a Yid the correct way to act.


Usually this Possuk is translated “Throw your troubles on השם and he will sustain you”. On a deeper level, we can see the word כלי in the word יכלכלך and the Possuk can be translated “Throw your troubles on השם and He will make the כלי for you.”  This teaches us an amazing lesson in the way we should place our trust in השם יתברך. :)


The Yid goes to work to earn his Parnosoh knowing that it’s not his work which is bringing him his Parnosoh - it’s השם יתברך who is giving him his Parnosoh, as it says ברכת השם היא תעשיר - so why does he need to work? Because השם יתברך wants him to make a השתדלות or a כלי through which the ברכה from השם יתברך will be channelled and received.


The same applies to healing. The Yid goes to a doctor knowing that it’s not the doctor or the medicine which is going to heal him. He is simply doing his השתדלות in making a כלי through which the ברכה and רפואה from השם יתברך will be channelled and received.


What happens when the Yid is in a situation where he can’t do the השתדלות and make a כלי for the ברכה from השם יתברך? When ר"ל there is no work, or the doctor says he doesn’t have a medical approach to pursue, you might think that in that situation “it’s over” - since the person can’t make the vessel for the ברכה from השם יתברך, they can’t receive the Parnosoh or healing they need! The truth, however, is not so! All we need to do is look into the Toirah and see that השם יתברך says to us: “Throw your troubles on השם and He will make the כלי for you.” :)


Instead of concluding that the lack of a כלי means you can’t receive the ברכה, we need to know that when a person is in a situation where he is unable to do השתדלות in making a כלי for the ברכה from השם יתברך, it is because in this situation השם יתברך doesn’t want the Yid to do any natural השתדלות! In this situation, the Yid has to do what it says in the Possuk “השלך על השם יהבך” Throw your burden on השם, with אמונה ובטחון בהשם and then, והוא יכלכלך! :) Then השם will make the כלי for his ברכה and you will be saved from your troubles :)


The Yid related with excitement “I took this specific lesson to heart, repeating it to myself again and again and again, internalizing the idea, and ברוך השם I received the miracle I needed a few days ago! I went to the צדיקים to thank them for their Brochois and now I am calling to thank you for the חיזוק and inspiration! א ב ג :)


He went on to tell me another story that happened with his friend. His friend was unfortunately dealing with issues in שלום בית which led to the wife requesting a גט ר"ל. His friend also made strong efforts to strengthen his אמונה ובטחון בהשם , doing as the השם directs us to do in these circumstances and miraculously his wife called the Rov and said that she doesn’t want a גט anymore! א ב ג :)


In both cases, the solution was not rational, natural efforts. Instead, by tapping into their אמונה ובטחון expressing their Neshomo and its connection to Hashem that is above the limitations of intellect, Hashem, who works Midah K’neged Midah, solved their problem not through natural means that they had to create - Hashem Himself made the channels and gave them their Yeshuah.


These stories are very heartening, because they show us again that our individual Emunah and Bitachoin has the power to make a difference and bring our personal Geulah. This also encourages us to strengthen our Emunah and Bitachoin in the coming of Moshiach, to take us out of our long and bitter exile and bring our Geulah Shelaima now!


Poroh Adumoh - A Mystery… or Not?


Our Parsha begins with the method of purification from severe Tumoh - the Mitzvah of פרה אדומה, which is described as a Chukoh, a decree of Hashem with no explanation.


There are other examples of Chukim, but פרה אדומה is unique. The Gemara tells us that שלמה המלך, who Hashem granted perfect wisdom and intellect, said “I have considered and solved all the others, but on the question of פרה אדומה I say, “I thought I could fathom it, but it is beyond me.”


This gives the impression that פרה אדומה cannot be understood, but later in the same Medrash it says that Hashem told Moishe Rabainu “to you I will reveal the meaning of פרה אדומה.”


Grasped, But Not Intellectually


Knowing that Moishe could grasp the meaning of פרה אדומה, we have to ask: Why was שלמה המלך, the wisest of all men, not able to determine the reason?


Also, why did Moishe Rabeinu not share the meaning with the rest of the Yiddin? The Gemara tells us that when Hashem gave Moishe the Toiroh, the aspect of Pilpul, deep analysis, was given exclusively to Moishe, without instruction that he give it over to everyone else. Moishe acted generously and gave it all to the Yiddin - so why did he not also share the revelation of the meaning of פרה אדומה?


The answer is given as follows: 


The reason Moishe didn’t share this information was not because he was unwilling to do so, but because he was unable, because the Yiddin would not be able to comprehend it! Before you think that this was because they were not smart enough, remember that the epitome of human intelligence and comprehension, שלמה המלך himself, said “I thought I could fathom it but it is beyond me.” 


We see from this that פרה אדומה is not just hard to understand - it is entirely outside the realm of human intelligence and comprehension. It is the purest example of a Choik. Whatever revelation Hashem showed Moishe, it was not and could not be in intellectual terms. This is why it could not be shared through or discovered by human intelligence.


This is why Hashem says “to you I will reveal the meaning of פרה אדומה” - it isn’t something that can be attained by intellectual pursuit, even by the greatest intellect. It can only be revealed by Hashem who is beyond all limitations and can open the eyes of a limited creation to something that is truly beyond him.


But Why Not Everyone, Then?


Now we understand why Moishe didn’t share this with the rest of the Yiddin but we have a new question: Why didn’t Hashem reveal it to the Yiddin? Since it was a gift of revelation from Hashem, not Moishe Rabainu’s unique abilities, that explain his ability to grasp the meaning of פרה אדומה, then anyone can be given the same insight. Why wasn’t it given to everyone?


The answer is very powerful. If Hashem had given us all this insight, allowing us to relate to the meaning of פרה, He would also be taking something much more important away.


[פרה אדומה is introduced with “זאת חוקת התורה,” “This is the decree of the Toiroh.” Various other Mitzvois are introduced in a similar way, such as “זאת חוקת הפסח” - “This is the decree of the Pesach, but here, instead of saying חוקת הפרה,” “the decree of the פרה אדומה,” it says חוקת התורה, the decree of the Toiroh.]


פרה אדומה, as a חוק, defines a critical aspect of the entire Toiroh and Mitzvois. It is the model of the approach of חוק which we need to apply to every aspect of Toiroh, זאת חוקת התורה.


The essence of all Mitzvois is that they are the רצון העליון, which is higher than the realm of intelligence and understanding. Even the Mitzvois which have a “reason” attached to them, or can be understood by our intelligence, that is not because they are fundamentally based on rationality. What is happening instead, is that the Will of Hashem, which is beyond intelligence and comprehension, is being clothed in the terms of wisdom and understanding, for the benefits that this brings, but despite that, in its essence, the Mitzvoh is still fundamentally and simply the Will of Hashem!


In practical terms: the fulfilment of all Mitzvois, even those which are understood in Seichel, need to be fulfilled specifically with this understanding! We need to do all the Mitzvois not because intelligence and understanding demands we do them, but because Hashem commanded us to do them! As we say in the Brocho before every Mitzvoh, וצונו!

As expressions of Hashem’s Will, the Mitzvois are rooted in the infinite essence of Hashem, beyond the limited expressions of intellect, and by fulfilling them we connect to Hashem in His very Essence and are able to overcome all obstacles.


פרה אדומה is a pure expression of a Mitzvah as Hashem’s Will. It is not rationalized in any way and remains beyond intellect, and we need to extend this recognition this gives us to all Mitzvois.


We need to approach every aspect of our Avoido as a way to fulfill Rotzoin Hashem, with Kabolas Oil, recognizing that we are fundamentally fulfilling a צווי, a command, not something that makes sense to us or fits into the way we see the world.


This isn’t just a nuance in how we think. It affects the way we do the Mitzvois. If we could understand all aspects of Toirah and Mitzvois, we would be incapable of Mesiras Nefesh. Mesiras Nefesh demands that a person overcome their natural approach to something, whether it is complete self-sacrifice in surrendering their life or any smaller sacrifice which natural considerations don’t support.


We are only able to do that because we can point to something beyond ourselves, something that is inexplicable and incomprehensible. This is why Hashem wants the meaning of Poroh Adumoh to remain beyond our grasp and therefore did not reveal it.


We need one Mitzvoh which is the epitome of a Choik, something that is beyond our intellect, in order to fully grasp and internalize this critical insight which we can then extend to every aspect of Toiroh. If we had instead been granted insight into the meaning of פרה אדומה we would not have any of that. It is a window to the reality that there is more to Toiroh and our connection to Hashem then what we can grasp or understand and our behavior and decision needs to go beyond our limitations as well.


Yud-Beis/Yud-Gimmel Tammuz


This is also the power of the Mitzvoh of Emunah and Bitachon. Since through them we believe and trust and rely on Hashem in a way that is beyond rational considerations, we are connecting to Hashem beyond natural and rational limitations, the Brocho of Hashem is then channeled to us in a way that is not limited by natural or rational considerations.


The days of liberation of Yud-Beis/Yud-Gimmel Tammuz are this coming week. The Rebbe Rayatz was imprisoned and subsequently exiled by the Soviet Communists for his work in bolstering Yiddishkeit in the Soviet Union with complete Mesiras Nefesh, self-sacrifice that is beyond natural and rational considerations.

His miraculous liberation is the response of Hashem in the same way, bringing down Miracles that were beyond all natural and rational limitations and stronger yet, miracles that came through nature, והוא יכלכלך!!
















Sholom Mordechai Halevi Ben Avrohom Aharoin Sheyichye :)