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Shabbos Chazak, Chazak, Venischazaik :)

Shabbos Mevorchim Choidesh Sivan :)

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Sholom Uvrocho 😊 

BARUCH HASHEM, this Shabbos we read Parshas Behar and Bechukoisai, completing Chumosh Vayikroh. CHAZAK CHAZAK VENISCHAZAIK! :) Be strong, be strong, and be strengthened! :)


A Sight for Sore Eyes

Following Mincha last week, in the famous Shomer Shabbos shul in Boro Park, a Yid came over introduced himself. He was from England and had two things he wanted to tell me. First, he had regards for me from his elderly mother (who I never met - Mi KiAmcha KiYisroel!) to tell me that she davened every day to Hashem Yisboraich for my freedom. :)


Second, he heard what I had said about television, and he took it not only to heart but into action and threw out the television from his home.

At first, I couldn’t remember what he was referring to but then I remembered. I had made (and kept) a strong resolution to avoid looking at the big screens in the place called prison. I had spoken about that on occasion and I credited my success in this with helping me remain above the limitations of the place and feel the freedom of Kedusha. :)

This Yid was inspired enough to take action and expelled the television from his home, saving himself and his whole family from its silent destruction. Now that, by Divine Providence he met me, he shared this with me. :)

What was most inspiring to me is not only what he said, that he got rid of his television, but how he said it. He said it with a BIG smile and Simcha like someone who took control and finally rid himself of something that had plagued him for years. Not only was his spiritual life uplifted - his physical life benefited as well, because he finally freed himself from the shackles which inhibited him from living truly, and this is the purpose of our creation. :) 

The effects of these screens go well beyond the obvious devastation of negative content. There is a more subtle but even greater collateral damage relating to the role and power of our sense of sight.

Hashem Yisboraich gives every person five senses through which he connects to the world around him: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Of these five, sight is the one the only one that gives certainty. The other four senses all leave doubt about the truthfulness of the matter. It is only by seeing that the person is able to verify truth and accuracy and establish it with a certainty that can never be questioned.

These screens are proud to present “special effects” which are visually indistinguishable from what is real. The viewer, seeing things they know are impossible, is “entertained,” but constantly reminds himself that what he saw is not actually true, it’s “just” entertainment!

The damage done is real and it is immeasurable! The ability to to see something true and be inspired by the truth of what you are seeing is severely weakened! For example, when you see a Tzaddik you are able to see the see the truth of Kedusha in front of your eyes - the Kedusha you see is real and you are inspired by it. :)

Tragically, when the sense of sight is crippled, a person can look and see a holy Tzaddik and say to himself “Yes, I see it - but maybe it’s not true anyway!” and he leaves in the same state as he was in before,  nebach.

CHAZAK, CHAZAK, VENISCHAZAIK :) This is the Chizuk we take from Chumosh Vayikroh!


There is no greater achievement in life than having come close and connected with Hashem. :) By Being Connected with Hashem, we are connected to the eternal life and pleasure that is everlasting :)

Vayikroh begins with “Odom Kee Yakriv Mikem”- when a person wants to come close. Hashem is telling us that we can come close to him, :) and the way it can be achieved is through “Mikem” - from you.

First, it depends on the Yid to want to come close. How does he then accomplish this? The Possuk tells us: when a Yid wants to come close to Hashem he needs to offer up himself to Hashem. He needs to bring his physical existence, his body and the animal soul within it, to Hashem. Even his physical life, his animal, becomes holy, the holiness of G-dliness permeating his whole being.

It’s not enough for his naturally holy Neshomoh serve Hashem - the physical, earthly, and even animal parts of his life need to become a part of his serving Hashem. :) This is truly life, a life which is transformed to become eternal life. :)

Grand Prize: A Lollipop??

This connects the first Parsha of Vayikroh with the last Parsha, Bechukoisai, which we read this Shabbos. It is also critical to understanding our Parsha. :) Our Parsha begins with Hashem’s promise to give us tremendous physical Brochois as our reward for toiling in learning his holy Toirah and doing his holy Mitzvois. :)

Meforshim ask: The ultimate reward for learning Toirah and doing Mitzvois is the spiritual purpose and spiritual good that Toirah and Mitzvois bring us, which is the ultimate purpose and good. As we learned in Pirkei Ovois, Schar Mitzva Mitzva, the reward of the Mitzva is the Mitzva. Why does the Toirah speak about the physical reward Hashem will give us for toiling in Toirah and Mitzvois?

A similar question is asked about the wonderous world we are promised in the time when Moshiach.

The Medrash tells us, in connection with the Posuk “VeNosnoh HoOretz Yevuloh” - and the land will give its crop, that when Moshiach comes the land will give its crop on the same day it was sown, as it was for Odom HoRishoin - the tree grew the same day it was planted!

In other places Chazal describe other great Nissim and wonders in the physical world in the times of Moshiach. The land will give forth delicious rolls and precious garments! :) Grain will grow as high as trees!

This description brings us to a similar question.

The Rambam says that in the days of Moshiach the world will be occupied only with learning about the knowledge of Hashem! There will be great Chachomim who will know the hidden secrets and will be able to understand the wisdom of the Creator as much as a person is capable of understanding. This is the true greatness of that time and the reason we all yearn so much for Moshiach.

In that case, why do Chazal make such a big deal about the great physical blessings we should expect? Granted, it’s important to have all the physical blessings while pursuing the great knowledge of Hashem, because, as the Rambam writes, physical problems distract or prevent us from pursuing Kedusha. In the times of Moshiach this is all taken care of so we can focus on what really matters.

This suggests that the physical blessings are only a means to an end, a way to nullify the problems which would inhibit Avoidas Hashem. Yet, Chazal speak at length describing the great physical pleasures of the World to Come, suggesting that there is something special and great in these blessings in themselves!

Torah is Our Life

The Explanation is given as follows;

The Possuk says about Toirah “Ki Hu Chayecho Veoirech Yomecho” - Because it is your life and the length of your days. Toirah is not (only) a “means” which brings life to the Yid in this world and the World to Come. Rather, Toirah is the Life of every single Yid. :) Toirah is not something which is added to his existence, one of the many other details in his life. Toirah is mamosh his essence and his life!

The Essence is Indivisible

A Person is made of many parts, but they can be grouped into three general parts: the head, body/torso and feet. These groups correspond to aspects of his non-physical existence. The head holds the higher faculties, the intellect and perception, sight and hearing etc. The body is the vessel for the heart, the Middois, while the feet only contribute the ability to walk - a very low, basic ability that its doesn’t bring out the higher quality of a person.

However, these divisions are only relevant to the specific and varied abilities of the person, the ways in which he acts or expresses himself.  The essence of his life, the state of being alive, independent of action or expression does not have these distinctions and is present and applied equally in the whole body. from head to toe. Complex or simple, sophisticated or basic - every part is equally alive!

Since the soul’s life is the essence of the person, it is to be found equally in every part of the body.

This gives a way to determine if something stems from or is connected to the essence of his life. When it is revealed, expressed, does it express itself only in the person’s more refined faculties, or does it also express itself in the person’s lower faculties. If it stems from the soul’s essence it will permeate the person’s entire being, even reaching the heel of the foot!


When a person thinks about something that brings him Simcha, happiness, :) the proof that the Simcha has permeated every part of the person, to his very essence, and he is truly BeSimcha :) is when the Simcha isn’t just expressed intellectually, by understanding that there is something to be happy about, and it’s not just expressed in his speech, when he speaks or even singswords of simcha! True Simcha is seen when the Simcha permeates and reaches into his action :) and the person starts dancing with his feet! :) The same applies to the feelings of love, fear or lehavdil pain etc…

Learn it and LIVE it!

Let’s take this back and apply it to Toirah:

When can it be seen that the Toirah is the life and essence of the person? When the Toirah affects the person not only in the higher spiritual aspects of the person, in things that are more refined and spiritual, but it affects the physical part of the person!

The rewards described in our Parsha are in response to our Avoidah in Toirah and Mitzvois. If the reward would be only to merit higher spiritual revelation, it would not express or reveal that the Toirah is his whole existence. It is specifically when the spiritual Avoidah in Toirah and Mitzvois results in physical blessings, such as rain in its proper time, that it is clear that Toirah and Mitzvois are his whole life and existence, his essence.

The reason Toirah is the life and essence of the Yid is because Toirah and Hashem are one. :) Just as Hashem is the true existence, from whom all existence comes forth, bringing life to all aspects of creation, spiritual and physical, so too the Toirah, the expression of Hashem’s Will and Wisdom, brings goodness and purpose to all existence, the physical world and the spiritual worlds and all that’s in them!

This means it’s the other way around! It is specifically when the reward is a physical reward that we know the Yid toiled in learning Toirah and doing Mitzvois in a way of “Bechukoisai.” (Bechukoisai is also from the word Chokak, engraved.)  The Toirah is engraved in him :) becoming his whole existence.

This also explains the Pesukim describe the greatness of Moshiach’s time by emphasizing the amazing bounty in the physical world. It is specifically the physical reward which reveals that the Yidden are learning the Toirah and fulfilling the Mitzvois as an expression of their essence. :)

When Moshiach Comes...

The reason our physical needs require toil and effort, and the reason it takes a long time from the time the seeds are planted to the time when it grows fruit, is because the physical world in its current state is not receptive to the Brocho expressed in the spiritual worlds and this delays the Brocho.

Therefore, even when the Yid learns Toirah and does Mitzvois, the good that Hashem gives him from above is not immediately expressed in the physical world, because the physical is not yet transparent to its source in the spiritual world above and doesn’t reflect it easily and quickly.

This will all change in the days of Moshiach! :) There won’t be any delay between the time the seeds are planted until the fruit grows! Why? Because when Moshiach comes, the physical world will be unified and connected with its source, which is Hashem’s utterance which creates it :) and all Brochois above will be immediately reflected in the physical world! :)
















Sholom Mordechai Halevi Ben Avrohom Aharoin Sheyichye :)